Socio-labor auditing and equality auditing

SBAL makes available to its clients a Socio-Labor and Equality service through its team of qualified and independent professionals, accredited by the Basque Socio-Labor Auditing Institute (“Instituto Vasco de Auditoria Sociolaboral” –IVAS, for short-).

By implementing the most suitable review and verification techniques, on the basis of the documentation examined and by carrying out the relevant audit tests, we actually verify the compliance of an entity with both those socio-labor principles and rules in force that are applicable to it.

Once the audit work is completed, SBAL issues a report that includes a technical and responsible opinion on said compliance, as well as the degree of reliability of the information emerging from the documentation analyzed during the course of the Socio-Labor Audit performed, so that its contents may be known and assessed.

Socio-Labor and Equality Audits, regardless of whether they are performed at one’s own initiative or at the request of other entity or group that has an interest in the company, will make it possible to know its situation regarding the degree of compliance with the socio-labor and equality rules in force.

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