Over 30 years of tax and legal advising in Spain
SBAL is a leading independent
consulting firms the Basque Country


Our figures attest to our quality and excellent performance


More than 35 professionals specialized in the Economic and Law areas, supported by their high-level experience and expertise in the Mercantile and Tax areas, and by a proven managerial ability.




Throughout our wide career path we have provided advice to clients in more than 30 countries by providing advice on both expatriation and international project issues.




More than 30 years meeting all the needs our clients have within the tax and legal advisoring areas.






Tax glossary

Dictionary of tax terms in English

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Advice to expatriates

Keys about the tax treatment of the staff of multinational companies assigned to work in a foreign country

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Double TAX Agreements (DIAS)

Links to different Double Tax agreements signed by Spain

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TAX return form

Links to different tax return forms classified by territories

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