Employment adjustment plans, collective bargaining agreement negotiation and negotiations of company arrangements

At SBAL we render our clients services on the implementation of internal flexibility actions and, in particular, in those cases where it is deemed to be necessary, we also help them to start implementing the requisite geographical and functional mobility actions, material changes concerning individual or collective working conditions, as well as suspensions from employment and individual and collective terminations of employment contracts, both due to objective reasons and on disciplinary grounds.

Thanks to our wide experience we are able to manage company reorganizations and restructuring by making use of an integral perspective and by means of the provision of a customized counselling which is rendered jointly by our professional teams specialized in the different branches of Law.

We provide our clients advice on the negotiation of collective company arrangements but also on the design of variable and flexible remuneration systems.

The scope of our services includes, if so required, our direct participation at bargaining tables, as well as the provision of assistance in conciliations due to a collective conflict at the “Preco”, that is, at the Basque Country Labor Relations Council, a public, free from charge and voluntary service that offers conciliation, mediation and arbitration services.

Other labor services

Labor law and social security law
Labor inspections
Socio-labor auditing and equality auditing
Gender equality plans, prevention protocols on workplace bullying, on sexual harassment and those on the grounds of sexual
Labor risk prevention
Due diligence

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