Labor law and social security law

As far as Labor Law and Social Security Law are concerned, SBAL renders its clients consulting services and technical representation services concerning work disputes related to the following areas:

Recruitment process.

Senior level staff contracts, special arrangements, golden parachute clauses and non-competition clauses, removal of top executives, etc.

Provision of advice on the statutory obligation to hire employees with a disability.

Provision of advice on Social Security contributions, as well as on incentive or benefit entitlement resulting from employee hiring.

Social Security Economic and Assistance Plans in case of contingencies (“Acción protectora de la Seguridad Social”) and Supplementary Welfare Plans. Provision of advice on employee specific situations (e.g. maternity / paternity, leaves, temporary disabilities, family-labor balance measures, etc.)

Provision of advice relating to employee international assignments (labor and Social Security aspects).

Provision of advice regarding contractors or the rendering of services by means of third parties and temporary employment agencies.

Otros servicios laborales

Labor inspections
Socio-labor auditing and equality auditing
Gender equality plans, prevention protocols on workplace bullying, on sexual harassment and those on the grounds of sexual
Employment adjustment plans, collective bargaining agreement negotiation and negotiations of company arrangements
Labor risk prevention
Due diligence

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